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Franchise Membership FAQ


Is there a charge to list my franchise on the FBA?

There is an annual fee of $2,997 to access all programs detailed under the Franchisor Marketing Tab.  If you would like to take advantage of individual services instead of becoming a full member you must first develop your listing for $500. After your listing is created you may do as many services and communications as you like.

We offer several discounts, including listing multiple concepts and for paying for one-year in full.  For full details on enrolling, please call us at 888.317.7429

Why should I list my franchise?

Using brokers and consultants to qualify leads and assist in the marketing of your franchise is highly beneficial.  It allows you to manage growth, and focus on only serious, qualified candidate referrals.  It allows for increased exposure and branding, and the capability of rapidly expanding your franchise system. 

 How many brokers are members of the FBA?

As of January 2010, we have over 220 brokers and are growing rapidly. 

What’s the qualification process to become a franchisor in the FBA?

You must sign our agreement which says you will pay a commission to the referring consultant, and you must provide us with the necessary materials to promote your franchise.

How many franchisors are listed?

As of January 2010, over 350 franchisors are listed with the FBA.

How do I highlight my franchise to the members?

We are here to help you market your concept to the members and ensure they understand your franchise and the best way to present it to their clients.  We offer many ways to connect with the members, from hosting webinars, to contacting them directly, advertising on the FBA site, sponsoring features in the weekly member newsletter, and much, much more.

Can I get a lead consultant to manage inquiries?

Yes.  We have many members that specialize in managing inquiries, and further qualifying candidates.  Please let us know that you are interested in this, and we will put you in touch with these consultants.

How long has the FBA been around?

The FBA was conceived in February of 2008, after a group of franchise professionals realized the need for support and resources for this industry. Visit our About Us page to read about Our Story.

Who is the FBA?

Please click here to read about our Board, or for a company directory.

Is the FBA a broker network?

No, we are an Association of Franchise Brokers from various networks or consultants who have been trained through an Intro To Franchise Consulting Workshop offered by the FBA. We provide continued education, business tools and a community of which professional brokers and consultants can partake.

How are the members trained?

We provide franchisors with a statement of training upon request.  To briefly describe the training, brokers are given three months of weekly coaching, a mentor to guide them, monthly sales, legal and industry training, as well as an entire library of archived trainings.

Can we restrict territories we want to receive leads from?


Can we restrict how we want the leads sent to us?

You’re the boss.  We will follow the instructions you provide on how to send referrals.

How can I control the information about my franchise that is posted on the site?

We provide you with a user name and password that you can use to make edits and changes at your discretion.

Can business opportunities join the FBA?


How do I get started?

Contact our office today, 888.317.7429

How much should I set my commission at?

We can consult with you regarding commission guidelines if you have questions regarding setting your referral fee.

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